Mom and Dad's

Before John left for Mississippi for his first round of selling the girls and I stayed behind at my mom and dad's house. We were in hog heaven. Cousins and swimming all day. I'm getting sad just remembering how fun it was. My girls missed their dad so much, often Goldie would fall asleep crying for Daddy but the cousins and the frenzy of activity eased the pain. We were so happy to be there with all our people that we love but were counting down the days until we were with our daddio again.
Taking a ride on the Mule around to see the hogs
 3 monkeys

We miss these rides and these kids. xoxo

Beaching it one last time

I am still in heaven here surrounded by mountains and loving it but i know that these warm summer days are coming to an end and we are going to be missing the perfect "winter" Florida weather. 
These are some pics of one of the last beach days as a resident of our cute beach town.
My Golds misses her Kitty
 Auntie V and Sophia Blue
My curly girl's pearl necklace broke about a month ago... we are heartbroken.
Baby Hazey
Man. We are going to miss these days at the beach. 
We miss you Florida Family. More than you know. All of you!!!


I've been "folking"

We are still alive.  We're here in Utah.  John started school already and our life is moving right along. This summer was busy with moving all around. John was busy selling alarms and working with his partner, and brother in law, Nate, on FOLKSTORY.  There have been many releases in our Beta stage and we are still working hard to make Folkstory the best place share, keep, and (soon) print your stories. I have been waiting for the right release to share with you and this is the one. We have just release "Share beyond Folkstory". So I can now share this Cute video along with the post I posted on Folkstory. Take a few minutes to just sign up, its free!!, and get started. Please, any and all of you. We are getting really excited about Folkstory and would love your feedback. Please email me any questions or input you might have. Open my video link and get started!