Worst nightmare... prettiest girl

So it has happened. My worst nightmare....the computer blew up... smoke and everything. We have yet to take it in to see if we can get our Pictures off it..... lets be honest that's the ONLY thing I care about on that computer.
On a sweeter note...here is a pretty little picture of my dollface. (compliments of erica)



Goldie loves the beach.

my girl is a worker... there is a lot of sand needing to be moved around at the beach

She found herself a good seat in with her toys.


Yhat Yhat's come to FLA 09'

We are so spoiled rotten! We're able to get together so often. I was so happy to host our Yhat Yhat trip at my house this year! We had a great time being fat girls together... eating and eating and snacking and sleeping.

These are the Yhat Yhats! (photo taken at Cocoa Beach during our first Yhat Yhat trip to FLA 05' )

We went to the beach... this trip included the life threatening attempt that Al and I made to surf. The waves were great... a little too great. We fought our way out there only to get taken out by a monster wave and brought back to shore with our suits half way off. Ali suffered some minor wounds on the rocky shoreline... but other than that... surfing was not really that fun.

my little beach bum

this is the newest Yhat Yhat! Cant wait to welcome little Wilson... G could use someone her own size

We went to the Rave for a chick flick with Kara

there was some good water buffalo bedhead

we went to St Cloud to my mom's house...

saw the animals

did some cane pole fishing
I'm afraid this one didn't make it.

Had a craft night

And of course did some hair



I miss you my Girls... not for long...