The freaky Widget

So I have held off long enough. I have been totally freaked out by these floating babies on everyone's blogs but... I do have to say it is fun too see how far along their babies are. Evidently, I have warmed up to them a bit because, as you can see, I broke down and got my own floating infant. So, if the small airborne child that is floating next to you is bothering you... you can either cover it up with your hand while you check out mine, and half the world's, it seems like, blogs OR suffer through looking at it for the next 34 days OR let me know and if I get enough "they freak me out too" s then I will happily remove it from my blog. If I have no opposition, and I if I can stand looking at it myself.... Let the count down begin.


California Girls Trip

So I am a little behind here on posting our girls trip to Newport Beach we planned to welcome our dearest Al home from her mission. We had a great time eating and shopping... don't ask me why we even wanted to get a house on the beach for this trip, considering the fact that the first morning we were there we went down to the beach for about 45 minutes and a couple of light weights got a little pink... needless to say we were content enough with shopping and eating... and searching for a blasted Internet connection so Kitty could email her Arabic husband. I loved this time with the girls and I have to say... we Will be doing this again.

I have a shortage of photos from the weekend... I hate being the last person to say "oh and can you take one with this camera too"... so I left it up to Kitty... and she pulled through. So for a few more shots from this weekend check out her blog caitandbrig@blogspot.com