ragnar 2010

central FL ragnar 2010. 201 miles
 It was awesome. So exciting, exhausting, inspiring, fun and miserable.
We talked about happy things, sick things, scary things, hurting things and spiritual things. It was seriously cool.

 fresh faces:off to the first major exchange
the team minus Melissa C
Kate:Colleen:Lindsay:Melissa W
Gina takes off
Everybody runs
WE REST...or try to...then do it again
and AGAIN!

LOOK at me go! I am really proud of this. I used to say that you would never find me running unless I was being chased and here I am willingly running 20plus miles.... and loving it! What a feat. I WILL be doing this again.
 I love Lindsay... met her the night before the race. We are true Sole Sisters!

van 1 ladies
the end


  1. never in a million years could i do this. atta girl shell.

    ps. you are tiny.

  2. Oh my gosh! I just re-lived the Ragnar. I love the pre-race and post race pictures. And I love that by the time that last picture was taken, I was mentally checked out! So much fun. I can't wait to do it again.

  3. Yeah!!...happy to see your Ragnar wrap up. Sweet photos my lady. I love this last one w/ you and your medal. Hope to run again soon.....

  4. k how do you know lindsey foley? Her brother Steve is married to Erics sister.. so I dont know what that makes us. But she's family of our family :)


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