Munns Boys Blessing day

Porter Mckay and Jackson Daniel
Today we blessed the 2 newest Munns grandsons. Jackson Daniel Munns, Dan and Emily's little one, and Porter McKay Munns, Ryan and Heather's 6th. It was so great to see all those handsome men in the blessing circle. We are so happy and grateful for the safe arrival of both the handsome little guys.

Somehow we lost Porter and his Mother, Heather, for this photo shoot



  1. oh O wish we were there....daniel looks so good clean shaven!!!

  2. What beautiful babies! We are so excited for Goldie's little sister to come!

  3. oh that little Goldie... just another beautiful Munns girl! absolutely adorable! and yippee for another girl!

  4. look at those boys...they are so so darling! and seriously goldie? could you just stop being so cute...my girl is not going to be able to compete with this!

  5. i love jackson's little tie! and you look great for being halfway through a pregnancy! ps- i usually go to new smyrna, but i could easily come over to you guys since you're close to the beach and it's just about the same drive for me either way. if you guys want to go sometime next week, i could probably do any day but wednesday. let me know!


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