the babies

We are so used to calling Goldie and Kate "the babies" around here but I think it's official that they have graduated to "the girls." It has been so fun to see Kate and Goldie become such good friends. They Love each other. (and Austin too) Goldie, since she was able to say her name, has on most mornings, asked first thing for Kitty, or cousins. She loves her "family" as she calls them. As a matter of fact last week she woke up in the middle of the night crying out for Austin. I went in to see what was up and she indeed wanted "Fussy". The very next night the same thing happened only she was calling out for Kitty. And who knew a 2 year old paid so much attention while in the car. She knows when we are almost to Aunt Vanessa's and Decky's house and if we don't turn in to their neighborhood she is beside herself. The Girl loves her family.
I bet Hazey will be the same way... she's off to a great start with her pal Charlotte.
our happy little babes

pretty Luskie
and Oh Bazeel

minding their own business....spotted each other....grabbed a hold
they love each other

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  1. So cute Shell...cousins are so wonderful. Hazel looks so big! I can't believe how much she has grown since Christmas! I hope we get to see you guys sometime this summer.


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