A stay in Utah

Before heading to Nevada for my Hyde family reunions
Kara and I cooked up a stay in Utah with VQ and her family.
I got to see my little Olivia Jane Wilson.
We did some outdoorsy activities and visited with some people we love.
It was a grand ole time.

A sleep over with the J N Munns family

there was a lot of this going on
the kids did rather well with the many mini roadtrips

a little HIKE in beautiful Park City

some real grubbing around with cousins


  1. You look so great! Can I look like you when I am pregnant please?


  2. Goldie is such a doll! I totally see your husband in her. You guys are all so gorgeous. Can I have those family genes please?!

  3. More great pictures Shell! We miss you guys already...I wish we lived closer.I hope you had a wonderful birthday!

  4. okay is austin holding a BIRD in that shot? these are cute pictures. kate and goldie are such a crack up too.

  5. what a fun time! And seriously....I'm still not even convinced you are pregnant. ti-ni-est thing ever! You look better pregnant than I do right now, goodness!

    Goldie is such a doll, I love those natural curls. She seems like such a happy little girl.

  6. oh that was so much fun!!! Will we ever be able to do it again?

  7. wow she is getting big! you look darling as always! one of these days we will have to get together!

  8. im so glad olivia got to meet her yahtbaggie! love these pics and nicoles, you are beautuful...especially with that belly! love you.


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