Hyde Reunions 09'

Thank you to Mark and Anne for the wonderful R Mark Hyde reunion
Thank you to the girls in the fam, Hay and Amber, for manning the R L Hyde reunion
We loved being out in NV and with all the Family
Danny and Annie... you were missed dearly

every morning Goldie woke up she would ask for a ride...
...and her papa

It was so fun to have G be with her cousins
she really missed you, Soph and Melia
It wouldn't be a Hyde reunion with out some healthy competition

I was a sorry shot with a bow and arrow...
Karen, on the other hand, was amazing

Lots of 4wheeling rides

Oh Hayley it was so good to see you

and lots of swimming

We had a great date night...

The child was Not having the picture taking session

Some boating at beautiful Tahoe

one night of the reunion we had a firework show...
that was complete with fire dancers, thanks david and scott,
and a camp fire with smores

And saving the best for last we had a beautiful baby blessing for Alana Mae
I loved this. It reminded me of the great name
and a blessing that Goldie received at her Grammy and Papa's house


  1. It went by too fast!! I wish you could come back already. I found a pair of pink and gold sandals in the girls dress up box. I think they are Goldie's? Let me know if you are missing some and I will send them to you.

  2. looks like so much fun... kinda wish we had some of that nice dry weather out here!

  3. love you guys. let's hang out again soon after we pop these babies out!

  4. Thanks for making me get all teared up! I know these pics have been on for a while, but I am on vacation from blogging, the internet, and computers for the next little while! I SO loved to see all your pictures you posted. I love how pretty Christie looked with Alana, and I love your new do, and I loved watching the now-traditional events of Tahoe and relay racing...(SIGH!). You know what else I liked too? Seeing the personalities of each of the little Hyde families. Everyone is so unique. The only thing wrong is that we weren't there! I am crossing my fingers we all make it there next year!
    Thanks again for all the pics.


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