Jupiter weekend round 2

The week we got home from our adventures out West we took another weekend trip to Jupiter
It was a great time as always

First things first... Girls trip out on the open sea

Pretty sure I didn't even catch anything this trip
but I was sure good at jiggin' it

Ricker D did have a pretty good rally with this one

Maddie Moe was a great little fishergirl

Jamison was by far the most successful fisherman that weekend...
every time he had his hand on the pole he got one on

Saturday morning... bright and early... John and I went with the first boat out
Fist to catch bait... then out about 2 miles for the fishing

the Anderson family went out with Captain Daniel in the C&C
we stayed close by them while fishing for bait

John had a serious battle with a bonita

This is just about the time that we realized there was a school of SHARKS just beneath us there were about 20 sharks underneath us and one that look about 12-14 feet long I was panicking right about now...
After pulling in this feisty fish that had swallowed the hook
J finished him off with the gaff and sent it down to the sharks below...
it was crazy seeing the sharks attack that fish and then go after each other

John loves taking picture with me

The man that makes this all happen

ole' sammy samsterdam... just about 30minutes before his seasickness set in.
as you can see he has a smile on his face. not for long... poor sammy


  1. oh man, after discovery's shark week i would have been tearing it out of there. aghhh!!!!

  2. ohh why do i wish i was back on the open water... too bad my poor lover can't handle it!

  3. I'm sure everyone is wondering how to get svelt legs like mine.........uhm....too bad "tone" can't really be conveyed in writing...SICK! But I once saw cellulite on a pic of Kate Hudson, so even they have to deal with it...Love the pics anyway, shell. Wish I was back on the boat catching bait!

  4. nick loves taking pictures with me too. he always has to ruin them with some kind of abnormal face lol

  5. Chris would die of jealousy if he saw this post! Fishing is his life! He never gets to fish in tropical water though. I feel bad cuz he always wants me to go with him, but its just to freakin cold here!! Looks like you guys had an awesome weekend!

  6. you don't even look pregnant! im bummed i missed you guys when u were here. cant waait to see the new little babe!


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