July 22 and August so far

On July 22 my darling darling handed me a plastic bag from bestbuy and said... "I was hoping when I asked you what you wanted for your birthday you would have said and new camera"

It was a great surprise even though after the hand off it was no surprise at all. So we have been taking pictures and trying to figure this CanonG10 out. We love it.

The first weekend in August I went to Youth Conference with some of my Young Women from our ward. It was 4 days and 3 nights away from my hus and bebe. Goldie was in good hands with her daddio. John said he was a better mom than me... he had her eat ALL of her dinner in her seat, brushed her teeth every night AND had her in bed by 8pm each night. He is a better mom than me.

Saturday came and I was anxious to get home to my Lovies. they kept each other busy until I got home in the early evening.

This outing began with a trip to the park... where it was too hot for daddy and daughter

SO they took it to the beach
I always love to see what john does with the girl's hair and clothes when I am offsite

So they played together there until I showed up... I ran home real quick for a quick change and rushed over to the beach to get to my baby

Happy little reunion

SO the last few weeks my sisters and I have kept busy going to Mom and Dad's house...

and playing in the pool and on the splash pad

We took a day and went to the Orlando Science Center with Heather and the Kiddies

Goldie ran around that place like she was a real kid

and of course there has been much beaching

I have been doing a lot of sleeping in with my lazy bones daughter and I don't feel guilty about it one bit. My good husband has started up a new school year of teaching seminary.... he knows my days are numbered to be in bed with out a grunting little nurser so he leaves me to sleep on. Love you for that babe.
8 weeks until baby girl comes


  1. Oh Goldie!! I don't think she could get any cuter!! Can't wait to see how beautiful the new little one will be! Love the pic of your little reunion after youth conference!

  2. as much as i love FL, isn't the heat impossible sometimes?? it is cracking me up how RED her face is at the park/beach. roasty toasty.

  3. such good times we have together. Can't wait to add penny and rosie in that crazy mix!

  4. p.s. i love that picture of G on the beach looking at the camera with that little red face and the bow placement.

  5. seriously shelly, would you enter that girl into a beauty contest already?! Goldie is quite possibly the most adorable thing! Love that rosy cheeked beach picture!

  6. i can't believe you only have 8 weeks left. wow, that pregnancy flew by for me! haha. you look awesome!

  7. that pic of goldie on the beach is priceless! and it's even cuter that her daddy dressed her and did her hair. I've never thought of that before cause i'm all boys.


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