Count down

So we are readily approaching the arrival of baby girl #2. I couldn't be more excited to meet this this princess and see what she looks like. We have been steady getting this place ready for her... checking off tasks from our "to do before #2" list. It has been really fun to know the gender of the baby this time. I have been able to collect little items for her here and there. Oh I can't wait... and i won't have to wait long... only 4 and a half weeks.

here are some beach shenanigans we have been up to

the sisters and I were feeling our oats and decided to venture out to the waves

K and I got a good ride in on this wave
just a slight sand burn on my huge belly

My pretty little baby

{please excuse my garms}


  1. I know it is sooo soon! You guys are the cutest. Can't wait for that new little Hyde to grace us all with her presence!

  2. YEHAW!!! I cannot wait for little hyde beauty #2! I wish I was going to be there!!! GOOD LUCK!!
    Love you....PS you look AMAZING! absolutly unfair that you look better pregnant than i do in real life! ugh!!

  3. i can't believe you are due so soon! i love your long hair too by the way.

  4. Shelly you look beautiful and sooo tan!! I can't believe your new precious will be here so soon! Can't wait to see her!

  5. oh rochelle... im like a whale try to get back to the ocean on that boogie! here's to the next 3 1/2 weeks. YIKES!

  6. really...you are tiny for how soon you are going to have that little girl. can't wait!


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