There's nothing like mail

My Golds can agree with me. Her Auntie Al Tunes sent her a birthday package, to share with her sister, of course. We couldn't wait for her birthday, or for her sister to arrive, so we opened right away.

Thank you Tuna for the gifts. Goldie loves you and your candy! Can't wait for you to come back to Florida to meet Goldie's little sis. We miss you.


  1. the most darling little package of course! mine is not that cute. but I will have you know that I sent it on Thursday so it should get there by this Thursday. Let me know when you get it cause ROYAL MAIL is awful and I'm a bit nervous about it possibly getting lost!
    happy birthday Goldie girl.

  2. ps. you & john were in my dream last night.
    pps. can i come to florida too?

  3. Can I come too this time? I know i am not a yaught or whatever but I love you just the same.... I show cash pictures of his betrothed on here all the time... just setting the feeling :)

    PS Al is the best auntie.


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