zoo day

I had plans today
plans to clean my kitchen floors, clean the bathrooms, windex the sliding glass doors, scrub the shower,
pay my baby bills, order my baby announcements... I even had plans to take a nap
but I ended up at the zoo... with these guys

...the cutest little turtles I've ever seen...

...our favorite exhibit is the giraffe feeding..

...little zoo goers...

...our new friend...
we will be back to see you again


  1. wow that is a good tongue picture! lol too bad aidan wouldn't get closer to the rest of the kids by the otter

  2. that tongue lools familiar...I think we've met before and it got me repremanded!

  3. Maybe you guys will go with us for Tys birthday?

  4. Shelly... I had such good intentions for today, too. Cleaning, Christmas cards, activity day stuff, etc... but I couldn't resist Eva's invite to go to Disney. And you know what? Watching Jack dance and clap during Small World made it all worth it. You made the right choice. By the way, kids are free at Disney until age 3!! You should do it!! Love you!


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