Bogin Munns and Munns Christmas 09

we went to my dad's firm's Christmas luncheon and it was, once again, DELISH.

Hazel and her Grandma and GoDad Munns

this is amazing... love this man

we are missing vanessa, heather and emily in these pictures but we didnt take the camera out until after all was done... oh yes and VQ had a beautiful musical number, Mary's Lullaby. she did a great job.

we were so happy in these pictures... both showing A LOT of gums


  1. oh my goodness...hazel is looking more and more like goldie everyday. she is so darling, i am dying to meet her~ so depressing that i have to wait till april. love her smiles too, love our yaht tots.

  2. uhhhh I am pretty sure you were missing me too!!! right??


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