Birthday Partay!

on her very day of birth... Aunt Vanessa surprised her and Kara with cupcakes. it took her a minute to warm up to the whole idea of people singing... and she had no interest in eating the cupcake.

Rusty, on the other hand, did. And Isa too.
We had a little family party for the girls.Goldie Loved all of her presents... especially the surprise visit from Grammy and Papa (and of course the darling little squeeker shoes Grammy brought.)

Jesse was in Miami for a job interview (yeah baby) so on Saturday we drove half way to meet him for dinner. Luckily Grammy and Papa didn't bring their current passports so we were able to have them 2 days longer.

Sundays are the perfect days for a walk on the beach

and what can be better than a walk on the beach with Grammy and Papa
A wonderful weekend... we loved having you Mark and Anne.


  1. Shelly, I can not believe miss Goldie is one! She is such a darling, I hope to see her again soon...

  2. It really doesn't feel like a year... I remember visiting you in the hospital! She's beautiful♥ You're very lucky.

  3. I LOVE Goldie's hair! Happy Birthday, Golds! She is such a delight. And look at Mark's adoring face as he smiles at her. And your hair, it looks so long. Pretty. My hair really doesn't look much different. And I don't really like it that much. I am a creature of the same habits...no matter what my haircut, I just don't feel the need to do my hair cute more than once a week, I like it long and will for several more years, and as for coloring...the jury is still out on that.

  4. I can't believe she's one, Shel!


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