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September was the month to be wed... The 3rd... our 3 year anniversary... the 12th Dane and Lindsay were married in the Salt Lake temple... the 20th Jake and Lindsey were married in the San Diego temple. We were lucky enough to be able to get out for both weddings. It was so fun to see everyone. Here's the line up from our visit in Utah...

Mr and Mrs Dane McCartney

The Dahls were so good to have us stay with them We miss you guys

We snuck in a few trips to see Jake and Tiff and the kiddies...

Jakes Birthday was the 11th so
We rode the Alpine Slides to celebrate

We made it down to Provo to see Cameron, Christie and Jadynne and of course the Jones family... some how we didn't get a pic of them but this was taken on our walk back from dinner with the Bradys and the Jones'

Then it was Cait... Lots of Cait. Goldie and I stayed on through the week while John got back for work... we had so much fun just hanging out and doing a whole lot of nothing. Goldie took some of her first steps to Brig... she loves her Wilsons.

We got to see Mete and Cayleen and yes Erica too... Sadly we just missed little Ivy Elizabeth by just about 5 days... can't wait to see that little princess on our next visit out there.

Goldie loved the visits with the Zwicks
and here's to 3 years babe!
Taken in HI on our 1st year trip

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