I never knew how much I really liked Halloween. I guess having a baby doll to dress up makes all the difference

Our ward "trunk or treat" was great! We had been gone all day Saturday and Kara and Sam (thanks again) had Little G! So we drove in to town and right over to the church where we were reunited with our little Chick! She was a real hit! SHe absolutely loves being in that chicken suit!
the after party!

Goldie knows how to Keep it real! Here she is climbing in to her favorite chair! SHe also happens to have a favorite book... the little picture book of Lake Powell 06'.

Last Monday we had our FHE pumpkin carving. Our family pumpkins had a theme... we had ears. Due to the insane amount of moisture here in FLA they lasted about 4 days before our pumpkins were growing fuzz out of their ears and mouths... it was nasty.


  1. aww goldie is soo cute as a little chick and i love her little tights! can't wait to see her and you on saturday!

  2. Oh, the little fuzz bucket! i love the tights and the orange crocs. She and Sophie matched! Sophie was a goldfish, just as Melia was on her 1 year old halloween.

  3. I love that Naomi and Goldie always have the same clothes! We've got similar taste! Naomi was that chick last year and I loved it! Goldie is beautiful.

  4. it really can't get much cuter than those chicken pictures. she is so cute and so funny... and shelly, you are so funny too. I love the "after party" I was cracking up..she's sportin the sweaty head cause she's just been workin it all night.


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