Here we are

We are so happy to be here in beautiful Virginia visiting our family out here. The kids are having so much fun together. We flew in on Sunday and have been enjoying the cool weather and GREAT company. Golds has been all over the place. Running around with the big kids.

my baby is loving every minute of being with her cousins

Water fights, pyramids, leg wrestling and other fancy tricks??? What's new?

today we went to lunch at hit up some darling shops

love those girls... we miss you V, H, T, E, L and C

we had a few good little companions while the babies napped at home with Grandma


  1. I'm sooooo jealous! I wish I were there! Who's taking those beautiful pictures of the kids? Those are really great!

  2. i wish i was there. i see lots of photography opportunities! lol

  3. It was so nice meeting you & that lil' gem of yours! We will have to arrange a playdate soon!

  4. I SHOULD have been there...what would an 8 hour drive and 4 more people in that house have mattered?? Hey so Also i must just comment on Erika's stellar pose in the alley picture...very ANTM...!


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