Mr and Mrs Jordan and Shanda Munns

Shanda looked amazing...the dress was a dream... and the groom, a hunk.

Shanda asked him nicely to cut his hair

Sisters and the bebes

It was fun to have a reason to all dress alike again.

What a good looking group of men.

G and Kate

"Malolds" and her uncle Jordan right before the newly weds drove off for their honeymoon aka the 12 hour drive to Virgina where Jordan had to be for his classes to start on Wednesday.


  1. So sorry you had to lose another sis. Loved the pics of the wedding!

  2. What fun pictures! All dressed alike, how very fun!

  3. Wow, Goldie smiles as if she is completely aware that a camera is snapping her photograph. It's amazing. A little photogenic wonder girl!

  4. I knew I recognized that face! Jordan is such a man now! Tell him I say congratulations!!


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