this week

This weekend was full of fun in the sun. Memorial Day at Mom and Dad's was a great time... volleyball, swimming, splash pad and airboat rides. It has beenso fun to have the Wards in town getting ready for the wedding... and of course playing.

this is our little doll face.

Gold getting pulled around the pool by Henry who tonight declared, while he was playing with her, that Goldie is his favorite cousin

my babe is a real sportster

sisters sisters sisters

Dan was the man for taking us all out on his airboat

This is what all the little kids looked like after playing down by the lake.

mada and my dear fa

Kara and the bride to be, Shanda, with her Mom, Becky

V & N Quigley

my baby is a happy one.

Oh yeah and this is new too! Kara can pull off anything. Thanks for trusting me.


  1. Your baby girl so so beautiful. Your blog makes me baby hungry.

  2. no thank you! The only thing that would make our lives better is if you lived closer!!! haha along with Leah, Tiff and Riker not moving...

  3. Goldie is such a doll, she is so stinking cute! And you look beautiful, like always. It looks like you guys had a fun time. Did you cut Kara's hair? If so, you did a great job, bangs and everything. That would be tricky.

  4. Goldie is too cute. I love her. You guys are always up to something fun. Florida looks amazing. I need to make a trip there someday!

  5. Goldie is just the cutest, I love seeing pictures of her! Adorable. Naomi has the same green floaty. We love it.

  6. Sweet Goldie. She is so darling! And the last photo I thought was you, I can't believe how much you and your sister look alike.

  7. Oh my gosh... Goldie is gorgeous! She is sooo beautiful. I love her name, bytheway. This blogging thang is way too fun.

  8. I LOVE the haircut!!!
    Can't wait to see that little Goldie.

  9. you guys have too much fun! i am jealous! where are some pictures from the wedding!? i want to see :)

  10. Hi Shelly...its your old room mate Stephanie Motzkus now Gardner. Remember from Highland Park. You were always off dating Jon when I lived with you and I took over the lovely basement and was always dating Bo. Well we have a little girl too! How fun to see you as a cute little mommy. You look beautiful. I saw your blog on Caitlins. Well mine is private so email me at stephanie_motzkus@hotmail.com so I can send you an invitation to look at mine. Your little girl is beautiful by the way!

  11. Gosh, she's such a doll! And you are too!


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