Ricker Rick

So I know that is is a good thing... but my world is crumbling before my eyes... First Leah... and now you, Erika! I am seriously in tears just thinking about it. Less than a month and no more Rooster melt downs, Jetter pick ups, Sissy singing or "No! Jo No!"s.
And we can't forget about Teeter Tot's open mouth squeaks.

I'm not sure what exactly got in to us... i believe this was the same night of the buffalo skin rug and the mini van spying at Rachel's.


  1. ah yes....doorbell ditching at rachel's! Dang...those are some funky faces we can make! And we aren't allowed to talk about me moving yet.

  2. Oh MY!!! That was a night for the books! I love the open mouth pic with all our crowns and fillings.. those are def. Munns mouths! Ricker DON'T GO!

  3. that was from me kara by the way not sam

  4. I am crying to looking at those pics! I would never have thought your pretty faces could ever do those sorts of things! Love it!!

  5. Wow, check out your blonde hair and all those straight white teeth. You guys are funny.
    Hey call me or email me and tell me a few good weekends to come in the next little bit. We want to make some plans.


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