She sits

She knows she is so fancy when she sits by herself.

Goldie with her friend Madison

love those flared nostrils

that hair... John calls it a beaver tail... it has been just growing through the middle of her head

The girl just keeps getting cuter. We are having such a great time with our little peach. She is my little buddy and wants me to hold her every minute... no problem there... I love to hold her. The past week we have been at my parents house with the Bowers, a family from John's mission. It was great to see them... and great to be in St cloud for the week. I love my family.


  1. I laugh everytime i think about her hair... ilove that beaver tail do.

  2. Love the updates and Goldie is so freaking adorable. I love her hair!

  3. oh, what a big girl you have and she is as darling as ever!


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