5K (a little late)

Last Saturday, april 12th, my sisters and some friends ran a 5K and it was so much fun. We are all loving the company in the trend that has swept the munns family. I have to admit that about a month ago I would have called anyone who told me that they actually enjoyed running a sick person. I never thought I would be one. WHo knows how long this phase will last... hopefully long enough to run a longer race. Just for your pleasure Annie... as we were driving home from the 5K last weekend john got on the phone with Danny. As proud as he could have sounded he said to danny... "we're just on our way home from Orlando where shelly ran a 5K today" and danny responded with "thats cool... I'm here where annie is running a half marathon" Sweet! My triumph was short lived! We'll see if I can run longer than a 5K.

the brave souls


my biggest fans

gold and kit

they love each other


  1. CONGRATULATIONS on the 5K!!! I ran my first one last year. Up in Suntree they do a Turkey Trot Thanksgiving morning...I tell ya, that's the way to start a holiday off...not too much guilt eating and eating since you just ran a 5K!! hee hee

    I did it in 36 minutes (and some change) my goal was to do it under 40 min.

    I'm with you, before that I thought that people who said they loved to run were crazy, but I love it... and miss it!!! this pregnancy forced me to stop running by my 3rd month...darn.

    anyway, it's good to see some more posts...I hate how we're on opposite sides of the bldg on sundays...we should get together for dinner or something one of these days!!!

    ...oh and possibly,if you want that is, we could do a trade??? you do my hair...I give you a massage?? think about it, let me know!

  2. I did not know that you had been training to run a 5K. That's awesome! Thanks for the hair trim.

  3. I'm sorry I burst your bubble. I do think it is cool that you ran a 5K. That is 5K more than I have run in MONTHS.


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