Back in Business

Sorry for the delay... We had been "borrowing" the internet from a kind neighbor who i guess moved out last week... so we had to pony up and get the internet ourselves. Besides the fact that Goldie has been sick, once again, with an upper respiratory infection... and had to be back on the nebulizer 4 times a day, we managed to have had some fun the past week... Grandma's pool, the beach, a lunch date with cousins and a photo shoot with Kit. Oh yes, and Goldie has two teeth coming in... that has been interesting.

The kids have so much fun on the splash pad at Grandma and GoDad's house. I cant wait for Golds to join in! Yes, Rusty is wearing a speedo.

Goldie's first time in a swim suit!!! I loved seeing her little body in it!

working her teeth

I can't get enough of that face.

Out at the beach... she had her first mouth full of sand... and I think she liked it

I could just kiss those little lips

We had so much fun out at lunch with the cousins... Kristen and Luke were in town... so we called it a holiday and got together

the cutest little things...


  1. speaking of little bodies in a bathing suit....DANG

  2. Such fun! We should do the beach again

  3. aww i love little goldie girl...she looks like your hubby so much :) see ya tomorrow! i am ready to run!

  4. i love the pics of Austin in his speedo. Kit misses her Goldielocks... wish you lived closer!!!! haha

  5. Shelly!! Goldie is the cutest thing I have ever seen! I wish I could see her in person! I miss you!

  6. shelly thanks for everything today! if you see my phone call nicks from it.....407.398.3367 thanks! i can't find it anywhere! :( lol. i rmbr looking through my pictures on it at that gas station. hopefully i didn't put it on top of the car or something

  7. It is so fun to see Goldie growing up. You look like you are having so much fun being a mommy. We love you guys!

  8. hey i forgot to mention my phone was on vibrate so if you could just check around your car if you haven't i would appreicate it...i went to the gas station and it wasn't there or in nick's truck. :(
    can't wait to see our awesome run pictures! lol

  9. shelly i am dying over little kate and goldie. kate is a clone of kara, i must say. too cute in their thing 1 & 2 outfits. where did you find those? i don't know if anyone has mentioned a shower to my mom yet so you could ask becky....but either way i'm excited to see you guys more often when we move back!


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