Can you believe March is almost over

So Easter was undocumented, although thoroughly enjoyed... But the weekend was very eventful. John and I stayed with my sister Erika's 4 of their 5 kids for 5 days this week... I love those kids and it was a great weekend. It went well and we managed to get through the weekend with no mishaps, and I'm sure that was because I had Kara, Shanda, and even Emily on Wednesday over to help everyday! I am just really surprised that the weekend came and went with only one pathetic picture session. And of course, it was when all of the kids were in bed... except for the babies.

Goldie and Kate

St Patrick's day is another story. We went over to the Quigley's house for some delicious Irish cuisine and Clarie and Isa got their hands on the camera. They actually got some pretty sweet shots.

the culprits.. with my precious little leprechaun

They did manage to get a picture of their dad with some real dreamy lighting and a handsome shot of my babe.

Oh and ... she eats. She is an eating fool. Food makes her so happy. She loves everything from rice cereal to oatmeal to canned veggies. Soon we will move on to fruits.


  1. Goldie is growing up! She is such a pretty little thing too. Isn't it amazing that they figure out how to eat and catch onto things so fast. I love it.

    Oh and P.S. all those babies are amazing. I can't believe how big your family is. You are a lucky girl.

  2. I love those naked girls... Goldie is a big girl!!! drhcm

  3. today is the day i call you. i have something exciting to share!

  4. love that little girl in her seat...and in her cute orange top- love that top! miss you.

  5. hey Shell, Goldie is soo dang cute. I can't wait to see all of you in June

  6. Hey I just found your blog! Randomly through Caitlin's blog who is friends with my husbands cousin. So random. But I wanted to let you know that I think your baby is absolutely ADORABLE! I remember when we all went to dinner and you were telling Ali (on the phone) that you really wanted to have a baby. Well she is a cute one! And I love her name!

  7. FYI- bath and body works has a bag with the name 'goldie' on it, it's pretty cute, check it out!

  8. the blog is so beautiful. i think I will give you a call tomorrow.


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