daddy's garden

after reading the omnivore's dilemma john got to thinking... "we oughta plant a garden".. so we did... actually he did.
i watched from the window in our bedroom with the baby while my man was sweating like a beast out working the earth. (truth be told i helped a long and hard hour and a half, maybe 2 hours, until the baby woke up... and then i went inside)... 3 trips to lowes, 20 bags of manure and one broken sprinkler pipe later we had ourselves a pretty little garden. he did a mighty fine job, that John Hyde. it is thriving and growing. Goldie still checks on "daddy's garden" frequently. while I was away at Ali's wedding each time i talked to her she would walk the phone to the window and show me "daddy's garden." She loves getting out there with him to water and weed.  Goldie loves her daddy... and his garden. 
I wish i had documented the very start... this was about 3 weeks later... not too shabby

this handsome man. i love this man

a good little helping princess. she tried to keep her feet clean... didn't work so well


  1. i love this! nick just planted a "garden" too. if you can call a 3ftx2ft area a garden lol

  2. now thats a HYDE!! i cant believe how much john reminds me of dad. way to go john. has he read the other book by the same author- in defense of food? its super good, i loved it. if he liked dilema he'd like that one too. when we win the lottery we are coming to florida to visit


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