my daughters

goldie is a motherly girl. she comforts her sister and her little toys with a mothering hand... literally it is a slightly cupped hand, like this one, that she offers for comfort. one morning this week she came out of her room like she does every morning, way too early, and I happened to be awake and in the kitchen. she came out with her arms full of all of her little kitties (her favorite toys). she walked right past me with a quick, raspy "mom, I'm awake" and sat down on the rug leaning over and gently placing her cats down saying "these are my daughters." she talked and played and patted and picked up and carried around "her daughters" until she was ready for breakfast.

today this was her daughter

she's already learning how to do everything with one arm.. just like her mama


  1. This blog is so much fun! I haven't visited for a while. It is so fun to see what you've been up to. I love seeing Goldie take such good care of her little babies! How sweet.
    Love the garden. I am super impressed. A totally incredible looking wedding.
    And I am really happy for you that you are enjoying your very own back yard!
    Sorry for my lame comments...wish they were better.
    So good to check on you.

  2. I love that! It is so true. She does it because you do it. Isn't that a sweet thought.

  3. oh my you make me want another baby. stop doing that! :)

  4. shel - thanks for the catching up. i've missed you. and please tell john that i'm so proud of his gardening skillz. yep - skills with a "z".

  5. i love that little cupped hand. she is so careful with her daughters. haha

  6. I want to wrap her up and steal her. What a dreamy little gal she is.


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