the baby

oh she's my little baby Hazey. love this little face. I cannot believe she is changing so much. I feel like i didn't get enough of the days when she was so limp and sleepy... she is bobbing around and moving that little head of hers so much now. I love this little one. She's perfect.


  1. seriously your kids are so cute!! i'm so incredibly bummed we will not be there for christmas, so i wont be able to see them. let me know when a good time (after christmas) to come and visit you guys. i miss you! its like i dont even know my own family. anyway, your kids are so stinkin' cute! i love you guys

  2. My my, she has filled out a ton! Her face looks so healthy and perfect. I wish I could hold her so much. Keep up all these great pictures.

  3. precious. she is such a little doll! i love her chubby little cheeks! nothing better.


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