happy hazel

im sorry if I am a little excessive... actually I know I am... but i can seriously take hundreds of pictures of this little Hazely Girl. I can't get enough of her.
this girl is a happy one. this morning she was happy to be getting changed.
she has started smiling all the time now.
we love our hazel girl

and she loves her sister


  1. Seriously hazel!!! What a cute little smiling face! I love her!

  2. Shelley, just having a great time looking through the sweet pics of your girls. What beauties - seriously! Glad you guys are doing well.

  3. oh your girls are too cute! That little Hazel has the best little dimple and smile.

  4. those smiles are adorable and huge! i love it... she is so cute shelly.

  5. HI Shelly, it's me, I know, I'm a total blog stalker. I think I always say that. But I was just wondering if you could do a "how to make the adorable felt flowers you see my girls wearing all the time" blog post. I LOVE them! And I want to know if there's a special trick. You girls are so precious.

  6. oh man, don't quite know what to do about those little smiles. just melts me, and especially to see g girl loving her little baby sister. It's an emergency for me to snuggle and meet that hazel baby.


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