So maybe I haven't been taking any pictures but somebody has.... I am here at Kara's house looking at her pics and Hey!!!! i hit the jack pot...

these are from spur of the moment family weekend to the Ichetucknee River

(more pictures from this weekend... coming right up... next post)

G, Kit and Rusty... what a good helper

Grandma bought the little ones their halloween costumes

How much does Shanda look like she could be our sister

Mr and Mrs Samuel Dale Haught mba... and family

Sam graduated from Rollins College with his MBA... a great reason to celebrate
over an amazing meal at Houston's

They couldn't accommodate the 9 of us so Ma and Dad had to sit across aisle from us

We are freaks... we cant get enough of these self portraits


  1. i need to be in that car with those tube boat things on top!

  2. i hope somebody ate a cheeseburger for me at houston's and i can't believe how much shanda does look like you guys. and i love goldie and kate in the tub with austin dousing them in purell or whatever that is.


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