The slumber party

Last month John and I went to Utah for 5 days and left the girls with Kara. The day we got back Kara and Sam took off with the Wild Florida team to Canada for a trade show for 5 days (which was a total success). So the Haught and Hyde kids spent every waking moment, and sleeping moment for that matter, together. It was quite the crew. The first 5 days kara reported bliss and happiness. The last 5 were a little different story. I think 5 days was The max for the partying for the kids. But we partied on through. Here are some highlights.(phone pics)
First night. All three big kids were in bed with me. Look how Goldie and late love each other.

Took a trip to to godad's house for a little break. The kids played in the feeder pond and we took a little ride to see the animals.


The days were a blur. We had good moments and hard ones. The pics are of the good ones.

Babies waiting for dinner.

The kids went with auntie Em to collect some eggs. There were a lot.

When John was home on Saturday we even took the kids to the park.

Yes folks. We took this bunch of kids to church.

Monday was a great day. The kids were so nice to each other. The babies napped well. Austy was a great helper boy. Thankfully it was a good day because after the Sunday from hell I needed it.
So I took them to mcdonalds. Everyone was happy.

This adventure was memorable. These kids love each other. Thanks for loving my babies while we were gone K&S ... It was easy to love yours while you were.
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