just call us carnies

Emily, Kara, Shanda and I took the kids to the Silver Spurs Fair. These little people loved every second of it. Austin, Kate and Goldie had wrist bands so they could as many rides as they wanted. About an hour in to it Kara left with Hazey and Charbo and the big kids and I stayed on. They rode and rode until they were beat. They were seriously falling asleep on the last couple of rides. Goldie is still talking about it. She asked routinely if we can got to the fair. I explained to her that the fair packed up and went to another city so the other kids can ride and have fun like we did. Now or conversations go like the one the just happened. 
ME: "Goldie, do you want to go to the park?" 
Gold:"No, I want to go to the fair."
ME:"The fair is gone. But we can go to the park."
Gold: "Lets drive to another city to go to the fair! Is that a great idea?"
She is smart. And adorable. And so are the rest of these carnies.
this ride was cracking my up. this is a ride i used to ride at this same fair in high school. somehow it made it to the kiddie area and the height limit is shorter. these kids were hilarious on it. 
i was seriously dying up when I saw how this picture came out. These little sleds were going so fast! I was getting sick just watching them ride.

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  1. I could cry at that pic of Goldie and Kate laughing with each other on that sled ride. Cutest thing I've ever seen. And yes, we need to get together... Especially since you're moving... Where??!


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