bonfire and beach

last week Kara and the kids had a sleep over at our little house. Its a little tricky adding 3 more kids and an adult in to out beach bungalow. So we laid the babies down, {Hazey in my room, Charbo in Hazey's room, with a guest bed for Kara} and set the kids bed up on Goldie's floor and we took off to a bonfire on the beach with Vanessa and some of our friends from the ward, and then to coldstones for some tart and tangy. It was a great night (with no photo documenting). The next day we got up and headed to the beach to meet EM and Jack. It was a beautiful day. Everyone was loving life, except Charlotte, who would not let her feet touch the sand. At first we thought it was the soft sand, then the wet sand, but really she just wouldnt have any part of the sand. So Kara had to carry her around until she rigged a little seat for her with a boogie board under her feet. She was happy... and then... she got brave and started to walk. She was finally about to come out from under the umbrella and play. And she was happier.

Cute little babes loving the sand and water
 Crazy Barks. It was a slow transition.

We got lots of pics of the babies but these girls were not having it... look at that rotten face on Goldie.

Didnt get any pics of Jack and Em. Sorry guys.

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  1. so jealous of your weather. and the kidlets are precious.


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