This Easter was great for our little family. We had been away from our dad for 2 weeks and were reunited with him on Tuesday of last week for a few minutes before he was off again to sell sell sell. We are currently in Jackson Mississippi selling alarm systems before we head back to school in August. John said to me as we were executing the worlds quickest move from our house in IHB, "who knew we were going to relive 2005 again... Selling alarms, going back to BYU" but seriously.  We are. Except now we have 2 little dears tagging along.  So, anyway, Easter was so divine this year for us because it was the first day to spend with our dad. We had all day with him. Sundays are precious to us. We manged to get a not-so-successful family picture session. 
Camera sitting on purse on 3shot timer= a lot of action pictures of me running around like a wild woman.
 I seriously had no idea that we didn't have ONE decent pic of us. But John did get a couple of us girls.

We tried again upstairs... At least we tried!
Picture overload? oh well

Easter We had an egg hunt for all the little kids in the office. Haze and Goldie we pros by this one.. they had already been to one earlier that week. Our team here has a delish dinner every Sunday and Easter was nothing short of scrumptious! We met at a park, ate, hunted and played. 
 binging in the goods
 Family pic Take 25... thats a wrap.


  1. So good to see your beautiful faces!! We miss you like crazy. I went back to the workout class this morning for the first time since you guys left and it was so so sad! You are greatly missed by many (especially Vanessa). I love love love all the running around pictures. It's a true testiment to moms. I love, even more, the pictures of you and your sweet girls and all the silly faces in the last ones. You guys are great!

  2. love you guys and miss you too much! hurry up and get here!

  3. Cute little family!
    Love the girls outfits...and obsessing over your shoes
    oh how I wish we were still at arlington shareing a closet :)
    You are so pretty shell!

  4. love these pics...darling hyde fam. livi has that orange dress too- we need a group pic. love you baggie.


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