Happy Birthday to my Caitlin Emma

Meow for Kitten's birthday.

We have all seen better days... but these were some pretty great ones. Living in HP 27, filling up the mug, cruising in Flo and eating.... oh we did some eating. I am so grateful for my fabulous friend Caitlin, Kitten, Kitty, The Kid, Kitstop, Kitten Catton...You are such a woman, Cait. I hope this next year brings only happiness and good fortune to you and your little family. Happy Birthday!


  1. oh baggin. that was a real treat. thank you for the gorgeous pictures of us at hp. i love that i am wearing a retainer. we have all see better days, you're right about that . thank you sweet bags- i love you too! thank you for the shout out.

  2. Shelly and John,

    This is Blake and Danielle Haines! We'd love to be able to see your blog. Here is my email dani.haines@gmail.com. Goldie is gorgeous by the way! What a cutie!!!!

  3. Shelly, just wanted to say Goldie was over here the other night with Dan & Emily and she is seriously adorable! Her hair matches her name perfectly and looks like spun gold! She really couldn't be any prettier!


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