whats a duck say?

Quack Quack... but Goldie says that a cat, a dog and a horse says Quack too. For a long time now she has had the Quack thing down. She just recently started to MOO! Oh how I love the sounds of my baby.

John's Little brother just got back from his mission about a month ago and has been to Visit twice already... GOldie loves her Uncle David. We miss you Dave.


  1. You are taking some great pictures Shelly. You and Kara should go into business together.

  2. Those are the ducks that someone dropped off at our house several weeks ago! They seem to have disappeared, though...I havent seen them recently...are they around still? Anyway, cute pictures!

  3. Those are those ducks that some people dropped off at our house a while back. I havent seen them recently...was this a recent picture? Anyway, cute pictures!!!

  4. yes, darling pictures of a darling girl. i want to hear her quack!


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