The park 12/14/08

After a delish Girls lunch at V's to celebrate Erika and Leah's Birthday
both born on december10th, 2 years apart

happy birthday to you! happy birthday to you! (and yes that is me making a guest appearance in their Bday shot... by that unreasonably big airplane)

Vanessa, Erika, Leah, me and Kara took our total of 18 kids to the park... we started off on bikes, skateboards, ripsticks, and a couple of pairs of roller blades and took the, thankfully short, jaunt over to V's neighborhood park. With great motherly intuition we decided to have Leah follow the gang in my truck to tote back the tuckered out kiddies.

that was almost disastrous

Dang, who knew we could still have so much fun at the park.


  1. goldie is looking so old...she is seriously such a cute little girl. how old was she when you pierced her ears? i wanted to take scarlett last week, but we decided to wait a little longer. i cant wait..even though my in-laws tell me its white trash, I LOVE it!

  2. Hahahahaha...I know, obnoxious typing, but I don't like typing "lol." I am, however, laughing out loud. Is that your nephew stuck in the playground? Hahahaha

    You and your sisters are wonderfully cute. I envy you!

  3. ah. . i am sooooo jealous!!! erin and shannon are coming out here in february and i can BARELY wait. sisters are the BEST.


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