25 years later

These two girls are such a little duo. They are their mother's daughters.  About 25 years ago we were up to the same tricks. Little Kara Jo and Rachelle Hart. It couldnt be more perfect that Kara and I had our girls at the same time. First these two and now our little Hazey and Lottie. Its girls gone wild when we all get together, which we manage to do pretty well even though the Haughts moved back to the Cloud, wiping away tears, and poor Austin is always along for the ride.

 We found these little ladies pretending with my hair brushes and baby lotion. They had covered the window. We knew there was trouble when we heard them laughing so hard. These girls have been up to their tricks since the beginning.


  1. they are so lucky to have each other...as their mothers are lucky to have them.
    darling pictures.
    its like i can hear them laughing :)

  2. i love seeing those 2... it feels like im watching us grow up!


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