Yahties San Fran 2010

So it has been a while and this is very past due.
Over the first weekend in October the Yahts got together.
Oh I love these girls
when we see each other its like we are back in HP27 and 15 lbs chubbier.. we haven't missed a beat

Since 2004 the three of us have made it happen.
we have had our fair share of travels to get together and laugh and eat and talk and shop.
its a good thing we've got going here
2004 Highland Park 27, Provo, UT
2005 Florida, twice
2006 Danville, Ca (minus AL who was in Bia Blanca Argentina)
2007 Huntington Beach, CA
2008 Provo, UT
2009 Florida & Carmel, CA
2010 Vancouver, Wa AND...
with too many little trips in between to even list... these are just the OFFICIAL reunions
my poor husband has been so patient with me... I'm married to a saint

 This trip was so great. Our world traveling Yaht, Kitty (if you haven't seen her work on her blog check her out at style files) was in the states so we made it happen.
Our accommodations were beautiful, the food was wonderful and the company was splendid.
delicious food and nertz 
2 must haves for a Yaht weekend
PS you want this delicious breakfast and a whole treasure trove of very lowfat scrumptious foods?? check out Ali's mom's cookbook Simply Deliteful. It is a  Must Have! Especially during the holidays and it's PREFECT for a christmas gift.
a blast from the past... the day we went in to the city for some shopping we ran into these 2 gals
our little Livi Lu was the perfect little traveler and shopper
We spent a nice evening with the beloved AllieB Its always a pleasure
me and My little twin
it was a great weekend. love and miss you girls.


  1. love all these pictures. love you girls.

    ...and 15 lbs heavier??....ya right!

  2. Love my Yahties.
    Someday Ill make good on my late night imovie promise...

  3. oh baggie! i love these. now i need to get caught up on my blog...this was heaven on earth. truly. i love you girls so much. can't wait for next year.

  4. i remember the first time i saw the 3 of you together. at cafe rio. remember? i love that memory and love all three of you.


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