she was almost a lamb

she was almost a lamb... but it was a bit too snug.
My friend gave me this cute little lamb suit for Hazey to wear for Halloween so I tried it on her one morning. She had just woken up and she was being so cute.  (yes, she has a black eye here) She took a few laps around the house being so adorable while I took a couple pictures. She was walking so stiff with straight legs because it was too small. As she rounded the corner out of the kitchen she stumbled and started to fall forward and couldn't get her arms out to catch herself and POP! it sounded bad. there was so much blood. I didn't know if it was her lip or her tooth. It sounded like she had popped her tooth right out. After her mouth stopped bleeding I could she that the blood was coming from her lip and her tooth. I've been scared that it was going to turn gray and die.  Things seem to be looking normal and healthy. Phew.

Just before the fall. Look at that little lamby pie.


  1. cute cute...I love all the catch ups...maybe after the blasted primary program I will catch up my blog?

  2. hey shel - so glad your little lamy is okay. i'd keep an eye on that tooth though. gm hit her tooth and almost knocked it out last christmas. about 3 months later i noticed a pocket of drainage on her gums. it took that long for the abcess from the fall to show up.

    i took gm in and they were able to do a little baby root canal to save her tooth.

    poor hazey. she does have a pretty sweet shiner!


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