Van 1 is on the go

Chocolate covered pretzels and beef jerky is not sittin well.
Michele handed off to melissa Wilson at 4:55 and van 1 is in motion. We are heading out to find some grub then We are off to the next big exchange to get some well needed rest.

Michele was kickin it.
We got stuck at a railroad crossing and the train stopped dead in the middle of the route. It didn't stop this girl. She kept on.

Van 2 minus melissa Wilson who is currently on let 13. We will rendezvous in 6 hours from the time of hand off.

It doesn't feel right to not be running With this gal. Good to see them.

A little smores before we head to the next exchange where we'll wait and rest.

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Location:Florida 50,Sumter South,United States

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