beach with Em and Jack

Emily and Jackson have made a few trips out to the beach for a late night hair appointment followed by a trip to the beach in the AM. I like this tradition.  Jackson is a good little beach boy. We love it when they come to visit. 
Goldie loved having Jack Jack chase her around.
She's REALLY fast
love that little belly.

 I can't get enough of this Hazelnut.
I told G to grab a toy she'd like t bring to the beach and she picked an ear of corn. Perfect. It ended up being a real hit. Hazey got her hands on it a few times when G wasn't looking. 
Dream on Haze. She wants that corn so bad.
Some of the best times at the beach are had at the showers after the sandy business.


  1. haha. look at that sweet hazel-bum? i love it. the girls' suits are so cute! can i please come to your beach?

  2. Hayley. Please come to my beach. What about a graduation vacation??? can you guys come to FLA? We can show you a real good time here!


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