beachin on Oct 9th

this is the trip to the beach we took on Saturday, Goldie's actual birthday. It was a beautiful day. The weather was perfect, the babies were great and the wind was just right for Ariel to soar.
my man with all the beach gear
this little gal was not afraid, she came right out to the water after us

 just some of Goldie's beach tricks
 and my teeny little one year old, heading out to sea
i loved seeing her walking around in that little suit
this girl was pleased with the kite flying.
it was a great day at the beach. 
The End


  1. love the pics of you and you girls on the beach!

    and you are teeny tiny!

  2. Your girls are the most precious little people I've ever seen. Beach looked so fun, I'm jealous. It was good to chat with you for a sec today :)


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