Goldie is THREE

So today Goldie turned THREE. She has been anticipating this birthday for a long time. She is currently obsessed with birthdays... she will randomly sing Happy Birthday, with an added verse or two of course. Anything with balloons or cakes are "happy birthdays".  Thursday we celebrated Hazey's birthday by opening presents for the girls from Grammie Hyde first thing in the morning and having a mini pizza party with Dad.  So all day when I would refer to Hazey as my birthday girl Goldie would say "and me too mama!"... so I told her yes, She was my birthday girl too.  Friday we had a delightful little Fairy Party and Goldie was in heaven. All of her Tinkerbell dreams came true. She was the perfect Birthday Girl. So this morning when she woke up and I had some little presents for her birthday she looked at me so confused. I thought maybe i had burnt her out on birthday business. "Really? Its my happy birthday?" She was thrilled that the celebrating had not yet ended.  I am afraid  tomorrow morning she may wake thinking its her birthday again.  We may be having a week of birthday shenanigans. It would only be fitting since Goldie's birthday mate, her auntie Kara, is known for her week of birthday celebrations.
 Today we had a relaxing celebration. We started out at the park watching Daddy play soccer with his friends. Then we came home and played with all of her toys from her Bday party and had lunch before we took off to the beach to take her new Ariel kite for a spin. Tonight before bed we painted her nails with her new nail polish and she slipped into her new Tinkerbell nightgown. As I was getting her bottle ready for bed (i know... a 3 year old still getting  bottle at night... and with milk in it... judge me if you wish)  I reminded her about how I have been priming her for the new "three year olds dont get milk in their bottle" transition by pointing to the bottle and saying, "Ok so tonight you are officially three and three year olds get water in their bottles." It finally sunk in that her milk bottles we over and she looked at me with immediate tears and held up 2 fingers and said, trying to be brave... "Mama. I am 2. I dont want to be 3." So I told her tomorrow it begins, after all it is her birthday. 

My beautiful little girl is growing up. She is a perfect little friend to her sister. She loves to run and giggle while her daddy chases her around the house. She is so sweet and knows how to share very well. She loves salami and muffins and love love loves soda. We love this little singing princess.
Happy Birthday Goldie Hart!


  1. happy day goldie.
    i can't believe she's already three.
    she is so darling. love her.

  2. You take the best Pictures Shelly. I love all of these of Goldie. She is so DARN cute!


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