Tinkerbell's birthday

So IT happened. Goldie's Tinkerbell birthday has come and gone. Our guests were looking adorable, thanks to Mother Munns and her wizardry on the Bernina. (I had plans to make ALL the skirts but she was a dream and did all but one for me) Goldie picked out what friend would wear what color, and of course she would be green, like Tinkerbell.  Our little guests came and we danced fairy dances, we ate fairy foods, we made fairy necklaces and we even dug for fairy gems in a treasure chest. It was a success and the little fairy guests were all so well behaved. 
my little tink
 our first fairies to arrive 
a couple of cousin fairies
kitty_the pink fairy
lillie_the blue fairy

more tinkerbell
isa_the yellow fairy
michelle_the purple fairy :  bella_the yellow fairy :  madi_the red fairy

Fairy Dancing. (i'll post a movie some day of some great dancing footage) Goldie knew just what to do... the other little fairies we a little confused on what exactly fairy dancing is. Fairy dancing in our house is mix of crazy leg moves and cool tricks combined with light leaps and smooth movements of all sorts. pretty much anything goes when we're fairy dancing.
 then we ate our little fairy lunch of peanut butter and chocolate crustless sandwiches, goldie's favorite
until things got a little silly with the fairy wands
So we moved on to Necklace Making
these little ladies were pretty darn good at this
daddy stopped by for a little bit to see his little Tinkerbell

 Next up we had gem digging
we finished the day with presents, cotton candy (thanks to auntie kara) and cake (which i opted to make for $15 as opposed to 60bucks for THE tinkerbell cake at the target bakery... i am very proud of this cake) 
my pretty little tinkerbell birthday girl


  1. tinks party was off the chain! now how can i come close for kitty's?

  2. love this! aidan's pirate party is the 30th....goldie will be getting an invite soon :)

  3. LOVED IT!!! Send me pics of shell...she had an amazing time and is still enjoying her Tinkerbell lollipops everyday.

  4. Shell, super cute! Way to go. Looked like so much fun. Golds is a lucky girl : )

  5. It was a sweet party sis! G is one lucky girl. By the way, your pics are awesome. Which camera did you use?

  6. eleanor wishes she was there...right up her alley.....kiss that adorable tinkerbell right between those luscious brows for me!!! Kit looks so adorable workin' so hard on that necklace and I love Lil's little present topper bow....too cute! Isa as usual a little beauty!! Oh i love all those girls!!!

  7. Love this! My Payton would love a fairy birthday party. I may be stealing some of your ideas next July:) So much fun!!

  8. darling darling party for miss tink.
    everything looked perfect.

  9. Looks like one amazing party!

  10. Cutest little party! G looks adorable all decked out in her Tink attire...


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