Goldie is speaking perfect english these days. While we were in NV with the Hydes in August it was like G had hit a new level of speaking. She has always been a good little talker but something happened. Maybe it was the fact that she was able to roam free with the kids and she was around a lot of older cousins. I dont know but John was gone on the boys pack trip for 3 days and when he came back he said, Wow, she speaks perfect English.  She's only gotten better. John and I just went away for the weekend for our 5th anniversary and we left the girls in St Cloud with Grandma and Aunt Kara. The night before we left Goldie got to stay up late and we ate some candy and snuggled a bit on my bed while i clipped her nails and told her how smart and beautiful she is. Then I told her that in the morning we would be going to Grandma's house where she would stay with grandma for 3 days and 2 nights. She got so excited and covered her smiling mouth and said "And Godad???" I nodded. "HE's going to LOVE ME". That girl knows it. SHe Loves her people and her people love her. She is so sweet to her little sister. She shares with her so well. She is always mindful of where she is and wants to know what she is doing. Hazey will go to goldie's closed bedroom door and G will hear her and open and say, "hey Hazey, you wanna come in" Last week Goldie's Car seat was in the back seat right behind Hazel so G couldn't see her. We were driving down the road and Goldie just started to seriously panic and was crying, I asked her what was up and she said "Mommy, where's Hazey" I told her H was right in front of her she just couldn't see over the head rest. She lifted up enough to see for herself. SHe is always looking after her little sis. Goldie will be 3 very soon. we have been practicing holding 3 fingers up. She's got the hang of. She has been pretty set on having a Tinkerbell Party for like 8 months now. I have never asked her about bday party themes... ever. I think it was the Tinkerbell cake at out Target that has brought on the obsession. Now all green things are for her Tinkerbell Party, like the green sippy cup i filled for her tonight. We love our little Tinkerbell.

growin' up at Papa's house

Hazel McBeal. That girl is something else. She has just come into her own. She is a feisty little peanut. She is still so teeny but acts like such a big, cool girl. She has gotten very good at standing and cruising. She has taken her first steps and acts like its no big deal. She took her first steps and i happened to catch it in the corner of my eye. She has got some dance moves like none other. SHe stands and sways and shakes her head like she has been dancing all her life. We love it when she feels the rhythm at church during the hymn or in the car or at her little piano. Our Hazelnut has got a mouth full of teeth. She is this tiny little thing and so when she smiles it seems so funny that she would have 8 HUGE teeth n her mouth. I love those pearly whites. She loves to show them off too. Basil is a smiley, snuggley, sweet little munch. While she was with Grandma this weekend she had many snuggle sessions on GoDad's bed with grandma. Mom said she would just go from grandma to godad flailing herself around and crawling up on top of them and resting her head on their laps or burying her head in to their shoulders. I called my mom on our drive back and Hazel had been on their bed doing all this funny business for an hour and a half. She loved her time with her grandma and godad... and her Auntie Kara. This little girl has brought so much joy to our family. SHe is so fun and easy. She is a perfect little friend for Goldie and my favorite little monkey on my hip. I cannot believe she is almost 1. It makes me so sad and happy at the same time. I am so sad that my baby is growing up but the older she gets the more fun she is having with her sister. We Love our little Hazel Hyde.
just a sampling of Hazey's teeth as she works on a rock at Grammy Hyde's house


  1. I loved this little update. They are such sweet little girls. I really miss them

  2. p.s. hilarious that you still have us on your blogroll.. deletion!

  3. Those are some pretty dang cute little girls!


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