jupiter 2010 cont.

KJ and I took the girls and Aust on a quick trip out with Jess, the babysitter, and jordy and shands... to catch some bait but it turned in to a really exciting trip with Jessie Getting seasick (something fierce) and Austin netting the catch of the day
Fish On
at least the trip out for sweet jess was somewhat worth it
moments after this pic she was down for the count
captain Jordy and His Little Lady

 Just as we realized Jess was hanging over the side of the boat, Austin yelled"mommy I see something"
Sure enough he had spotted a little loggerhead, which we didn't realized until after he had scooped it out of the water. So we snapped a few quick ones while jess was hurling, hence the pathetic pics, then tossed him back right where he came from.

see! there he went right back to his natural habitat undisturbed and safe
pretty sure they are endangered and there is a mega fine for doing this very thing
oh my princess and her perfect boat hair

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