Munns Family Reunion 2010

We are so lucky to have so many members of the Munns family here in Florida. Because of this we are able to get together A LOT and if there is one thing about the Munns folks... we like to party. This year we had 2 installments, as Mother calls them, of the reunion.

first Crystal River, FL 
This being the first trip there were a lot of backer outers, meaning husbands, when it came down to the wire. Luckily the trip was still on.  Dad rented 2 Party boats each day. we loaded them up each morning and... A'Scalloping We Went. 
Have you ever been scalloping? It is so fun.  It feels like you are on a treasure hunt. You put on a snorkel, and fins if you dare, and slip a little mesh booty baggie over your arm and hop in. You search and swim, looking among tall sea grass until you see a little shell type thingy, with what looks like 10 blue eyes. The Booty.  Then you dive down and pick it up carefully... it just might snap at you... and drop it in your bag. Warning, don't think for a second that once you've got your treasure that it wont try to escape. Mine did and scared me half to death.
 the crew on day one
these boys were in heaven

just 2 of my many handsome brothers
a couple of cute little scallopers
 on the way in we had to prepare the spoils by cleaning them out of the shell

This year Mother came up with the Brilliant Idea of bringing babysitters along. That made it possible for us to indulge ourselves in dinners with no children... my favorite thing.
Jordan.Shanda.baby sophia

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