Hyde reunion- Menfolk departure

This year john's dad put together a 3 day horseback pack trip to his ranch. John and the rest of the guys were looking forward to this trip. So on Monday morning the guys got their last few provisions for the venture, loaded the horses and gear and headed out for their Adventure.
 little helper girls
happy lu.grummy gold
more of these adorable shots here
after loading up all the the gear we watched our handsome men pile in and take off to for their adventure
a couple of our handsome men
 mark's trusty pup ready to ride out
handsome jackson

baby henry
 look at all these handsome men
sad little ones saying goodbye to their dads
glum faces all around

she wins the award for the saddest
mama  dried her tears and it was all smiles after that
oh dear my little Haze
all of the Hyde Grandkids


  1. What Studs!!! Love the photos. This looks like such a blast. Kevin's family used to do cattle roundups also, I went with him a few times while we were dating and newly married. Loved it!

  2. man i want to be a hyde man sooo bad right now! :) 3 day horse ride is right up my alley!!

  3. Some of those pictures of Goldie were SO SAD. *sniff*

  4. That one of G crying for John is too sweet!


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