jupiter crammed

This is getting out of hand. So many things are going undocumented due to this massive Jupiter post. So here are the last days worth of highlights. JW and I went out on a little trip with the girls with Uncle Ryan on his boat. It was fun to get out on the open water with my honey. Then we decided to go to the Bush Sanctuary. It was a great spot that was so close. It was fun for the kids to get out... and they loved the animals. 
On Saturday night the girls got to go out on the boats. It was fun, just wish we had a boat big enough for all the ladies to get out together. We always have fun together...and things get a little strange sometimes. But that's us.
my babe and our babe
Handsome Jett came along with us on our little outing
bush sanctuary
the kids loved this little "close encounters" show
Girls Trip out 
Captain Jordan's boat
 See you at 200ft ladies
There was pretty much no action the whole time... actually we didnt catch one fish on our boat. oh well.
the time came when nursing mothers had to get back and so we did a little switch and Ryan's boat headed back
the catch of the day for us. good work V. it started to rain so we headed back
and that when things got a bit strange. but we like it

there were, no joke, 100 pics like this
I loved this Jupiter trip. It is always so fun to be with the whole family. 
THanks Dad and Mom for making this happen.

the end 


  1. bwa haha! nice "wind in your hair" pics! Your whole trip looks like a blast. You look gorgeous and your darling girls are getting so big!

  2. Love the hair shots! WORK IT GIRL!

  3. you girls are hilarious! so much fun!


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